Yum-e Yogurt Espresso and Frozen Yogurt
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★ About ★
Yum-e Yogurt opened its first store in Maple Valley, WA in April of 2012. After a successful summer and a great and growing customer base, Susan Bridges planned to open a Yum-e Yogurt in Issaquah, WA on the ever popular Front street. While missing the town's major festival "Salmon Days" by mere weeks, Yum-e Yogurt Issaquah opened its doors on November 1st, 2013. The new store recreated the look and feel of Yum-e Yogurt with a cutting edge espresso bar, double sided see-through fireplace, window seating and a raised ceiling.

Owner and Manager, Sue Bridges, traveled across the United States and Canada tasting frozen yogurts from Oregon to New York, all the way to Quebec. The best of the flavors, based on quality and taste, brought Susan back to the Northwest to supply her family owned yogurt shops with frozen yogurt made locally by YoCream International.

Now, with the launch of a quality espresso bar on the quaint, old fashioned Front street - Susan hosted a coffee tasting that consisted of half of a dozen major coffee brands including Starbucks, Pete's and Tully's to name a few. The taste test was a blind taste test that involved drinking both a latte and straight brewed coffee. The winning roast was the organic roast, Brazil blend from Camano Island Coffee Roaster's. And so, Yum-e Yogurt launched a full espresso bar using organic and fairly traded coffee from Camano Island Coffee Roaster's for espresso beverages.

With the coming summer, Yum-e Yogurt just wasn't complete without a fully functioning smoothie bar, so that was next. Yum-e Yogurt Issaquah launched a smoothie bar. Real fresh fruit for stunning classic smoothie recipes.

Finally, to create the family, friendly atmosphere required to one-up the competition, Susan brought in multiple HD TV's and to this day you will find Disney movies, football games or customer slideshows playing at Yum-e Yogurt. All of this along with free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating has made Yum-e Yogurt and Espresso the perfect place to serve yourself a treat.